Data driven business

What you measure, you control. 

We will perform the connection, setup and complex mutual integration of measuring and analytical tools. We will set cookies management according to the new legislation. We will connect all company user interfaces, ie the web, advertisements, social networks, blogs, newsletters, messengers, chatbots, kiosks, applications, QR codes on printed matter, etc. to the new data structure. And we'll start measuring everything. In a few weeks we will know the effect of all online marketing and business activities.

Measure and analyze every contact with customers in detail. Especially with potential ones.


What campaign and what specific advertising brings you new customers? What picture? What word combination? What keyword? What works and what is the potential of organic search? What email and with what subject? What social media post? What article?


What pre-sale activities work best for you and generate profit? Are they online seminars or workshops? How did the investment in the conference or trade fair pay off?  What printed materials convinced their readers to make themselves known?


With what effect do individual traders communicate news, offers and important information to their contacts? Which QR codes bring conversion leads to your web? What emails and messages from messengers lead customers to inquiries through links? 

Reference: DIGITALIZUI in Carl Stahl

"Our marketing and pre-sale strategies for individual company divisions are guided by real and relevant data under the baton of Karel DIGITALIZUI. Reports from existing and newly introduced analytical, measuring and advertising tools are regularly and clearly reported and are the basic building blocks for further optimization. The return on investment came in the second quarter of our cooperation. We now have a long-term and reliable partner in Karel and his team in the on-line world"

Mgr. Monika Hamidovič, Dis.
Marketing manager, Carl Stahl

let's talk for a while about your data and its potential.

Karel Maroušek, M.Sc., MBA
Data strategist
734 490 779


As in the past 13 years, we still do the same thing this year. We´ve gained more and more experience in companies of various sizes and orientations. And helped more and more companies transform and digitize processes into the digital environment.

In a few days, you can have an analysis of untapped potential, analysis of competition in the online environment and an audit of the current state of involvement and tool settings. In a few weeks, you can read current and relevant data and design strategies. In a few months you can have a new, loyal and very powerful salesman - AI, artificial intelligence, working with current and relevant data, reporting and learning.